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    • AIM-1460706

    This kit is designed to give you the three essentials to achieve professional mobile content: A Versatile Stand or Mounting Device that allows you to film in Portrait or Landscape mode. Customizable lighting for properly lit content. Amplified audio for sharp & professional sound quality. This kit allows for a completely customized mobile content creation experience. Give yourself advanced controls over lighting, audio, and mobility.

    Price includes Custom Greeting Card (upon request).

    Panel Mini:
    - 1% - 100% brightness adjustability
    - 3200k warm- 5600k cool color temp adjustability
    - Built-in intelligent LCD screen display
    - Two 1/4'' 20 tripod mounts
    - CRI > 96
    - 550 LUX @.5m
    - Battery Run Time on 1% Brightness: up to 14 hours
    - Dimensions(WxHxD) 3.58''x2.18''x.45''
    - Frosted lens for built-in diffusion
    Light Staind:
    - Lightweight and compact
    - Use it handheld or handsfree to mix up your smartphone video content
    - Rotating smartphone mount easily moves from landscape to portrait
    - (2) built-in cold shoe attachment points
    - Extension Grip provides comfortable holding position
    - Compact (3.15' long) and lightweight (1.5 oz)
    - All-metal microphone body
    - No battery required
    - Powered by 3-volt (minimum) camera plug-in power
    - Shock-mount included
    - Deluxe furry windshield included
    - SC2 3.5mm TRRS patch cable included
    Packed in a 16" gift box + imprint included
    A Complete Creator Kit: This simple smartphone tripod can stand securely or be held like a selfie stick for better angles. The Panel Mini and Mic are included to complete the entire package to begin your content creation!
    Fits all mobile phones and smartphones: Features handheld or hands-free settings to mix up your video content anywhere you are. Great for on the go, and easily packable for traveling.
    Comfortable: The extension grip on this cell phone accessory for self-recording provides a comfortable holding position and is removable to customize your setup. Great for YouTube equipment, a vlogging kit, video conferencing.
    Adjustable 360 rotating mount: Rotating smartphone mount easily moves from landscape to portrait mode. Adjust to your liking for the perfect shot. The tripod base is adjustable as well
    Perfect For Social Media: Great for content creation or live streaming on all social platforms. 3mm Headphone Jack not included.

    AIM-1460706 Lume Cube Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit